Ted’s Toy Box

friend and muse


I am Ted, (short for Theodore), and I live with Bee in Co Durham.  I am a vital part of Bee’s writing process.  I don’t actually put pen to paper (or paw to keyboard) but I’m always there, providing inspiration, cuddles, and a reason to leave the computer and get some fresh air.

I was born on May 14th 2016, and I am a Springerdoodle (or Sproodle). That means my parents were a mixture of English Springer Spaniel and Minature Poodle. 

My favourite things are cuddles, walks, treats, and playing with my toys.  I have a collection of rubber squeaky toys which I love, especially my chicken. 

I meet lots of my doggy chums when I’m out for walks with Bee, and we have a great time playing together.  We are the inspiration behind the Durham Dog Walker Mysteries.

Can you spot my influence in the books?

Lots of love, Ted x

Ted’s Friends

I thought I’d add some photographs of my friends.  On the far left is Lily, eager to read ‘Please Retriever Me’.  She even matches the cover!

Not to be left out, Lily’s mum, Molly, is paying close attention to the story.

The final photograph is of Bracken who won a HUGE rosette in the summer in the ‘best rescue dog’ class. Bracken and her litter mates were found abandoned in a car park in Australia and she was adopted and eventually flew right around the world to settle in Northumberland, England.