Ted’s Toy Box

friend and muse


I am Ted, (short for Theodore), and I live with Bee in Co Durham.  I am a vital part of Bee’s writing process.  I don’t actually put pen to paper (or paw to keyboard) but I’m always there, providing inspiration, cuddles, and a reason to leave the computer and get some fresh air.

I was born on May 14th 2016, and I am a Springerdoodle (or Sproodle). That means my parents were a mixture of English Springer Spaniel and Minature Poodle. 

My favourite things are cuddles, walks, treats, and playing with my toys.  I have a collection of rubber squeaky toys which I love, especially my chicken. 

I meet lots of my doggy chums when I’m out for walks with Bee, and we have a great time playing together.  We are the inspiration behind the Durham Dog Walker Mysteries.

Can you spot my influence in the books?

Lots of love, Ted x