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The Durham Dog Walker Mysteries

the durham dog walker mysteries


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An English village, lots of cute dogs, and murder ……

 Meet Donna, the owner of ‘Happy Crafts’ craft shop and Ruby, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They live in Bockenbury, a small village in the Land of the Prince Bishops, historical County Durham, England.

Every day, Donna, Ruby, and a few other dogs and their owners meet to share village gossip, walk in the countryside, and investigate local mysteries … including murder …

 If you enjoy HY Hanna’s cosy mysteries, Midsomer Murders, or Agatha Christie, then you’ll relish the Durham Dog Walker Mysteries.


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Please Retriever me

Donna Bell, owner of Happy Crafts in the sleepy Durham village of Bockenbury, enjoys her daily walks with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ruby, and their dog walker chums.

But dogs are being stolen, leaving their families devastated.As if that’s not bad enough, now there’s been a murder too!

The police can’t help, so the dog walkers decide to investigate themselves, with one purpose: to bring home the missing dogs.

Join Donna, Nancy, Richard, Donald, Tori and Linda as they investigate the thefts.  Will they survive the investigation unharmed? Or have they unleashed more than they can handle?

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A Christmas Corgi

Donna Bell, owner of Happy Crafts in Bockenbury's High Street is worried. She is receiving anonymous letters. Is this her past coming back to haunt her?

She's also setting up a side-line, providing decorations for parties and events. Her first big order is for a Christmas ball, being hosted by the enigmatic new owner of Dalton Hall.

Donna's assistant is murdered.  Is this a case of mistaken identity?  Was the target really Donna herself?

The rest of the Durham Dog Walkers rally around to support Donna.

Is this the wrath of Christmas past?  Or is the answer firmly rooted in Christmas present?

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Last Will and Terrier

It’s springtime in Bockenbury, and dog walker Nancy is attending a wedding … and shortly afterwards, a funeral. She’s convinced her friend’s death is linked to Bockenbury’s over-sixties luncheon club.

Determined to prove there is nothing suspicious, Donna Bell takes time out of running ‘Happy Crafts’ on Bockenbury’s High Street, to volunteer at the club, helped by her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Ruby.

Soon Donna shares Nancy’s suspicions and enlists the rest of their dog walking gang to try and uncover the truth. Are the staff at the club as charitable as they seem? Is there no fool like an old fool? Are local families seeking revenge?

There is a murder in the village, and suspicion falls on one of the dog walkers.  Can Donna and the gang sniff out the real murderer before it’s too late?

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