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I’m Bee, an English author, writing cosy mysteries from my home in the historic English county of Durham.

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launching in september


The Durham Dog Walker Mysteries



An English village, lots of cute dogs, and murder ……

Meet Donna, the owner of ‘Happy Crafts’ craft shop and Ruby, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They live in Bockenbury, a small village in the Land of the Prince Bishops, historical County Durham, England.

Every day, Donna, Ruby, and a few other dogs and their owners meet to share village gossip, walk in the countryside, and investigate local mysteries … including murder …

If you enjoy HY Hanna’s cosy mysteries, Midsomer Murders, or Agatha Christie, then you’ll relish the Durham Dog Walker Mysteries.

Huge thanks to Michael Tompsett, the wonderful artist who produced, and allowed me to use, the Durham Skyline on the book cover.

See the original (and more of Michael’s work by following this link.)

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